System of Nature  
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The System of Nature

(Knowing ourselves (the home planet & life) is knowing the System of Nature well, rather than exploring the Infinity of nothingness meaninglessly, which is not meant for us, as planet Earth is fine-tuned for biological Life, which is the most amazing phenomenon of the System of Nature, making this planet a typical entity to be followed elsewhere by the rest of the System of Nature. This is the Spirit of Life, specially Human beings. Hope you agree with my views and enjoy this article. Thanks)

Sometimes when we talk about the Nature or the world or solar system or our milky way galaxy or the entire universe or omniverse, we mean to refer to the entire system as a whole, but these terms don't cover the entire system, as universe is just a tiny cluster-unit part of this system like dust particles or sand grains in the infinite Space. We need a more comprehensive term to cover the entire system as a whole and for this purpose, there is a broader term that covers it all inclusively. This comprehensive term is "The System of Nature" which covers each and everything conclusively. The System of Nature may be defined in one word as 'Everything'. In this article, I will describe my own conception, as well as discuss existing facts about the System of Nature. The most important aspect of the System of Nature is the driving force of this system, which exists Spiritually (from the perspective of human being), such as Eternity, Infinity, Deity, Immortality, etc and seems to react Spiritually to the Physical acts and occurrences, whereas, the Entities driven by this force exist Physically, such as, you, me, water, rock, planet, star, galaxy, universe, multiverse, multi-omniverse, etc. The Physical entities seem to be comprised of Matter (virtual particle units, making multi-unit structures or systems) and the Fields of Matter, whereas Spiritually, the System of Nature might possess unexplainable mysteries, such as Eternity, Infinity, Deity, etc, which can be imagined, but cannot be explained or resolved by its Physical entities as it is unexplainable or un-resolvable for them due to their levels of limitation and capability, so leaving them unresolved is the resolution. The Space (an invisible entity of nothingness) seems to be the unlimited or infinite surroundings, which itself is either nothing or mysteriously, it may be something unthinkable and unexplainable for the Physical entities (Matter), whereas Matter is obviously something existing Physically (from the perspective of human being), contained within the infinite Space (from Space perspective, the Matter is regarded just as Matter, whether in living or non-living form). I won't go into details of fields of Matter at this moment, as the existence of the fields of Matter is pertinent to the Matter itself.

                                              our home universe Bigbang - Cluster of Galaxies

                our home universe Bigbang - Cluster of Galaxies
                                                     our home universe Bigbang - Cluster of Galaxies ©NASA

In the system of Space & Matter, among other forms or types of entities processed and evolved from Matter, there is a special kind of entity known as biological Life and the most intelligent known kind of life is Human being, living on their host planet Earth, their only home in the System of Nature, which is fine-tuned for them to live normally along with numerous other kinds of biological living beings. Human beings have observed and studied the System of Nature, specially their host planet Earth in detail from tiny virtual particles (unit-matter) to the huge mountains (multi-unit structures or systems). From their early era (stone-age) to the present era (digital era), human beings have explored & studied numerous aspects of their home planet Earth, as well as observed & studied entities exist outside and beyond this planet in the mysterious system of Space & Matter in the System of Nature. The infinite Space contains numerous forms & types of multi-unit Matter structures, objects, systems or entities, for instance, living beings, water, gas, rocks, planets, stars, galaxies, dark unit-matter, universes, multiverse, omniverse and probably multi-omniverse and so on and on, but biological Life form of Matter has been the most wonderful phenomenon of the System of Nature so far, specially the Human Beings, because of the fact that the evolution or creation of this form has enabled "Matter study Matter itself" which is really amazing and even Matter is enabled to observe & study the infinite Space, as well as imagine, feel or think about the Spiritual entities like Eternity, Infinity, Deity, etc in the System of Nature, which probably had never been observed, studied and described by any other form of Matter before the evolution or creation of Human beings in the System of Nature. Anything imaginable and thinkable (visible or invisible), which has been described in the system of Space & Matter is based on observations, feelings, imaginations and conceptions of Human beings, but these descriptions may not necessarily be correct or true from the perspective of other forms of living or non-living Matter in the System of Nature (from Space perspective, the Matter is regarded just as Matter, whether in living or non-living form). For instance, my concept or reaction toward the size or state of a planet may not be similar to the behaviour of a star toward the size or state of that planet. Human beings regard this system according to their own point of view, unknowingly disregarding the behavior or reaction of non-living Matter toward the System of Nature. For example, you will of course never allow another planet collide our planet, whereas, the non-living Matter may let this thing happen, which I can't say for sure though. The Matter is bound & confined in the infinite Space. For a Human being, it must be strange and scary to know or find out him/herself floating in this mysterious and infinite system of Matter & Space. What is it and what's going on here, there and everywhere eternally & infinitely? For the existence of our temporal life, we have to comply with the regulations of this system (to survive), otherwise, it would transform us back to non-living form of Matter (dead) anytime. As writing these lines, I am not sure, whether all this exists the way I see it or whether my locally observed concept about the System of Nature from Earth is also multiversally true from the perspective of other living or non living forms of Matter elsewhere? But where the Matter came from? We will try to consider answer in the next sections of this article.

                                                        our home universe Bigbang - Timeline

                our home universe Bigbang Timeline
                                                                our home universe Bigbang Timeline ©NASA

From the Space point of view, Time & Place don't exist and the infinite Space doesn't care about these things at all, as a matter of fact, the Time & Place are the properties of Matter, not Space or Infinity and so, from the Matter point of view, there might be some significance of Time & Place, but Space doesn't regard any process (Time) of Matter or location (Place) of Matter in the System of Nature. To understand this concept, let's discuss, how Time (process) creates Place (location) in Matter & Space in the System of Nature? In the System of Nature, the process or changes in Matter is called Time and the entity being processed is called a Place, regardless of duration of the process or size of the entity in question. Each and every process or change (Time) in Matter is unique and different (Place) from each other by some minor to major differences (identities). For example, the duration and circumstances of process or changes (Time) in various different contents of multi-unit structures or objects of Matter in our home universe Bigbang (Mars, Earth, Sun, Andromeda, Nebula, etc) are different from one another by some major or minor differences, which has enabled us identify them by different unique identities or Names, no matter these differences are minor or major. As you can observe, both planet Earth and Mars are the parts of the infinite Space, but what has made them appear different form one another are the duration & circumstances of processes or changes (Time) that took place during their formation, which gave each of them some uniqueness or difference (Place) from one another, which has enabled us differentiate (Place) each of them uniquely by a different identity (Name). From this example, you might have got some idea, how Time (process) creates Place (location) in the System of Space & Matter and how duration and circumstances of each process (Time) may be unique or different (Place) from each another to give each entity a unique identity (Name), whether this uniqueness or difference is minor or major, such as you, me, Eiffel Tower, Mount Everest, Earth, Mars, Sun, Andromeda, Bigbang Universe, etc, but keep in mind that Time & Place don't matter from the perspective of infinite Space, though it does matter a lot to the Matter, such as rock, wood, water, bird, you, me, planets, stars, galaxies, universes, multi-verse, omni-verse, multi-omniverse, etc, etc. So we have learned that from the perspective of Matter, any kind of Matter is also the Place, whether it is a tiny virtual particle or the entire Planet, size doesn't matter, whereas, any kind of process or changes in Matter is Time, no matter whatever may be the duration, but from the perspective of infinite Space, the Time & Place don't exist.

Another mystery of this system is the expanse of the Space. Is space measurable or Infinite? If measurable, then there must be some expanse limit, but in that case, the question arises, can we imagine or find out the limit or the outermost edge of the Space, which contains everything else in it? But if Space is infinite, then contents (Matter) may or may not have some limit within the infinite container (Space) and within this limit, the expanse of Matter may or may not be a big deal for us to suppose a limit for the contents (Matter) contained in the infinite Space. It may be feasible to imagine a measurable limit to the contents (Matter) in Space, but if you try to imagine the limit or edge of Space, which contains everything else in it, yet it is not a container in fact, you can not do so, because Space is nothing and this nothingness is continued Matter after Matter and the Space after Space infinitely. Okay, now suppose you travel in the expanse of Space-after-Space to find out the limit or edge of Space, but wait a minute! Before you begin physical journey, first of all, imagine, what kind of limit or edge would you setup or imagine in mind for something that actually is nothing itself and this nothingness is Infinite, which contains everything else in it and moreover, the Infinity cannot have any centre, corners, edges, limits or ending and so, before you begin your physical journey, you will eventually end up in giving up this idea by just imagining instead, because, as a matter of fact, you don't need to travel physically to find out the limit, as at least you already know that this Infinite lay-out of nothingness is already laid-out there or exists out there the way it is infinitely laid-out unimaginably, which can't wait until you reach and witness the Infinity of something that is nothing in fact in your never ending journey, as, the Infinity doesn't require any limits, specially for something that is nothing itself (Space) and so, you would give it up on the basis of "as is & where is" eventually. Living beings can imagine anything that is measurable, but imagining something Infinite is beyond their capability, specially something, which is nothing in fact. If you think there is an ending to the Infinity, then what exists after the end, even if it is empty Space, some entity has to be infinite after everything else, which has to be unresolved, as leaving it unresolved is the resolution. Laws of Nature are the same for the entire System of Nature infinitely. Ok, where the Matter came from and how it got motion (energy) to change its Place (location) in Time (process)? As a matter of fact, Space is not pertinent to Matter, but Matter depends upon Space, as it needs Space to accommodate itself in it, whereas Space doesn't need Matter for its existence, therefore, without Space, the Matter cannot exist at all, but Space can exist without Matter, which means Space is based on the Infinity of nothingness. But our question still remains unanswered, where the Matter came from? Space regards all forms or types of Matter as a single kind of Entity, made up of tiny virtual particle units like electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, etc, which may join each other in bonds of molecules by means of some process (Time) to form multi-unit structures or systems like you, me, rocks, planets, stars, galaxies, etc (Places) and for this reason shape, size, location, form, temperature, living or non-living form, etc properties of Matter do not matter to the Space at all. Let's consider another aspect of this reality. Regardless of Human conception about living or non-living forms of Matter, the Matter in fact is just a single entity from the perspective of Space, as well as, Space doesn't regard location (place) or the process (time) related to the Matter in the System of Nature. Now let's try to consider the answer to our question. Even at virtual particle level (electron, proton, boson, quarks), every virtual unit-matter has its own stand-alone movement at virtual particle level, which means any sort of Matter is alive, whether living or non-living, but keep in mind that living or non-living concept of Matter is still a Human idea or perspective regarding the Matter, as, a naked eye cannot see electron & proton virtual particle movement in unit Matter, whether it is living or non-living. If you were able to communicate with a rock, it would ask you to wait until it is evolved into another form of Matter in Time (process or change) to communicate with you in your language or gestures. On the other way round, if a rock was able to communicate with you, then you would respond to the rock in similar manner to wait, until you devolve back into dead (non-living) form of Matter in Time (process or change) to communicate with the rock in its language or gestures, therefore, from the perspective of Space, the Matter is just Matter, whether it is in living or non-living form. Now we may imagine the answer to our question, where Matter came from? For this purpose, let's get to the technical point of our query, where the Matter came from? As a matter of fact, both Space and Matter themselves are not only the Spiritual answer, but also the Scientific answer to this question. According to virtual particle science theory, both Space and Matter are inter-related and can inter-change or inter-transform into one another at virtual sub-particle level under certain conditions, that is to say, that transformation from nothingness to somethingness and vice versa is a Natural phenomenon as pointed out by virtual particle science theory that at virtual sub-particle level, under a particular condition between Space & Matter, everything is actually nothing, which means that Somethingness (Matter) is also Nothingness (Space) under that condition, so according to virutal particle science theory, if under a certain condition, nothing exists in the System of Nature, then whatever is going on in the System of Nature is Spiritual instead (beyond human science), which is unexplainable & unresolvable by scientific means. As I said earlier that the Spiritual entities like Eternity, Infinity, Deity, etc are unexplainable & unresolvable for living or non-living Matter and leaving them unresolved is the resolution, so the material science is also incapable of explaining or resolving these entities, therefore the Spiritualism is the reality behind Materialism and for this very reason, Matter is Mortal or scientifically speaking, Matter is transformed into energy under certain conditions and finally is resolved back into nothingness, which is something like Black Hole phenomenon in science and whereas, then it goes through a reverse process to reverse back into somethingness, which is something like White Hole phenomenon in science, as at virtual sub-particle level, there are two main states of Matter, which include Stable Matter, such as Planets and the Unstable Matter, such as Stars, but at this point, the most mysterious thing for Human beings to think about is that who originated the very first instance of the process of somethingness from nothingness or vice versa and how it was initially originated? As a matter of fact, some entity has to be Eternal to initially originate everything else. Is there anything Eternal & Infinite (Spiritual), which initially originated somethingness (Matter) out of nothingness (Space)? This mystery is beyond Human science, which exists Spiritually and this Spiritual feeling or sensation in Human being is the answer to our question. It may be further evident from the fact that Matter exists in the infinite Space and we are the part of this Matter, where our temporal life cycle is just a process (Time) of the Matter, by which, we are alive on our host planet Earth, moving & floating in an exclusive local (Place) movement or change (Time), as well as in an inclusive overall systematic movement within the infinite Space constantly in the System of Nature till the end of our existence (Place) and process (Time), but being tiny and stick to our huge host planet Earth, it is seem-less being in a motion, floating in the Infinite Space constantly, but if we pay a little attention around our surroundings, where our existence is actually placed with respect to the surroundings, we may sense a strange Natural scary feelings in mind toward our existence or life as we sometimes try to get some relief from this fear by means of Spiritual feelings for the sake of our safety & security, as at least, under our Spiritual feelings, we get some relief from this fear momentarily. Sometimes we learn that how wounds of Materialism may be healed by meditation of Spiritualism, because all the realities are connected to the Spirituality in the System of Nature. From such experiences in life, you may get some idea, how a living being such as Human is bestowed Spiritual feelings incited in their existence to give them a sense of relief from fear and trust it. Similarly, how a non-living entity such as a Planet is regulated by some non-physical driving force associated with its existence to act upon it or regulate it in the System of Nature, which is also the answer to our question as pointed out by both scientific information (virtual particle science theory) and the Spiritual philosophies (Eternity, Infinity, Deity). Some mysteries of Nature seem to be Spiritual and unresolvable, such as Eternity, Infinity, Deity, etc, which scientists finally seem to have given up in decades of astronomical studies & exploration, specially after the results & analysis from a recent cosmic astrophysical virtual sub-particle studies related to Universe, Multiverse, Space, Infinity, Eternity, etc. These efforts are beneficial & appreciable, but some mysteries might be Spiritual and don't seem to be meant for us, so leaving them unresolved is the resolution, as scientists seem to have been disappointed by mysterious realities in trying to resolve some unresolvable mysteries, where they seem to declare withdrawn in favour of harmony with norms of Nature. Let's explore the System of Nature with hopes and trust that make us feel confident with more systematic approach under the force of Nature which is incited in our minds through Spiritual feelings in reality and imagination. Thinking beyond these realities or imaginations might be unthinkable and unresolvable, as after all, we have always experienced and learned in our lives that "the Nature is always Right", which is also discussed in the next sections of this article.

                                              a portion of Multiverse - Cluster of Universes

                a portion of Multiverse - Cluster of Universes
                                                     a portion of Multiverse - Cluster of Universes ©unknown

As you know, the System of Nature is obviously comprised of two kinds of entities, which are the Existences (mass or matter) and the Non-Existences (space or vacuum). Matter needs space to exist or accommodate itself into it, but space doesn't need matter for its existence, as it doesn't seem to exist (from human perspective), but actually it does, as mass or matter is accommodating into it, which proves its physical existence, no matter unresolvable or unobserveable for mass or matter (life). In other words, the Existences need the Non-Existences to exist or accommodate themselves into it, but Non-Existences don't need the Existences to exist themselves, as they simply facilitate Existences to exist and get accommodated into them. It looks wrong, but there are some logical reasons briefed here. The Energy is just a property of mass or part of mass, not a stand alone entity, which pertains to host mass or particle, otherwise it wouldn't have existed, such as, light (energy) would cease to exist without source mass or electromagnetic energy wouldn't have existed without its source system (or particle). The obvious instance is the Nature itself, which existed before all other existences, eternally, as something has to be eternal to initiate everything else. The same way, something has to be infinite beyond everything else, masses after masses and the space after space, as I said earlier that mysteriously, the space might be something, which mass or matter (we) can't resolve its reality. The obvious proof is that mass needs space to accommodate itself or exist, but space doesn't need mass for its existence, so mass wouldn't have existed without space. Now that mass accommodates itself into space, the space or vacuum is also an existence. This concept proves that the infinite space or vucuum is also an existence, just like any other physical existence, but mass or matter(we) can't resolve this mystery. The relationship among Existences is significant, specially human beings. The relationships use Non-Existences as their field to get related with each other. There are varieties of relationships among Existences, such as electromagnetic gravity, sound, light, heat, vision (human), thoughts or imagination (human), etc. Since the source of these relationships are the Existences themselves, therefore, the relationships (relativity) among Existences are also some form of mass or matter, which, under human perspective is the smallest form of matter called Quantum that use Non-Existences (space or vacuum) as their field of communication to establish their relationships, so the Relativity or Quantum are two different terms for the relationship phenomena among all the Existences in the System of Nature. Nature regards all existences just as mass or matter and not as systems thereof, such as you, me, bird, rock, planet, start, universe, multiverse, living, non-living, etc in the space, whether it is a virtual particle or a virtual system thereof. The evolution happens naturally and not artificially performed by the evolving entities therein, as, inclusively, everything is part nature after all. The term Life or consciousness is just a human perception, because, actually, we were just so evolved, but as a matter of fact, life is just mass or matter, just like all other existences, so mass can't resolve the mystery of mass itself and therefore, we (life) have declared space or vacuum as non existent, but mysteriously it is the actual realm of Nature and the major existence of the System of Nature, as the expanse of space remains everlasting into the infinity of nothingness over everything else, therefore, the space constitutes the infinity everlastingly. You can't physically or imaginatively resolve infinity of nothingness (limitlessness of nothingness) or eternity of somethingness (timelessness of somethingness) due to your limitation of capability. What we call nothingness is the actual existence of Nature that constitutes everything else from virtual particles to the virtual systems thereof. So, what we think exist are actually virtual and what we can't imagine, see or is not there for us, is the actual existence or reality of Nature that is eternal & infinite. For this reason, atom, electron, etc are virtual, because they are also visible and the same way, Quantum is virtual, because it is also imaginable. So now, the reason Nature is actual is that it is invisible & unimaginable, as all these virtualities are the proof behind the existence of this reality that is Nature, which is unsolvable for us and leaving it unresolved is the resolution. This is my conception, which might be inconclusive, but this way, I pay my gratitude to the Nature as a mystified observer. I hope this elaboration has helped you understand the Einstein's theories of Relativity & Quantum in a simplified manner.

According to recent past scientists, our home universe BigBang (a cluster-unit) had come into existence (expansion) as a result of fusion and fission of converged Matter blasts & explosions called Big Bang, which has been further witnessed by modern day space explorations, observations and studies. Based on these theories & discoveries, every Universe (a cluster-unit) in the Multiverse might have resulted from its own Big Bang explosions elsewhere in the Omniverse. As I have stated earlier, the size of a cluster-unit of Matter (a Universe) doesn't matter from the perspective of infinite Space, though it greatly matters from the point of view of Matter, therefore, the Big Bang of our home universe was not a big deal from Multiversal point of view and the same way, all the Big Bangs in the Multiverse do not matter from Omniversal point of view and this concept may stand true for the Multi-Omniversal aspect and beyond and so on and on infinitely in the infinite Space in the System of Nature, yet all these things appear like tiny clusters of dust particles or sand grains from the perspective of infinite Space, hence Space treats & regards all instances or kinds of living or non-living Matter contents as a single kind of entity, which is a virtual particle unit-matter (making multi-unit structures or systems), regardless of size, shape, form, location (Place), process (Time), etc, though it does matter to the Matter a lot. This journey of our explorations, research and discoveries will be continued in this infinite and mysterious system of Space & Matter in the System of Nature, as long as Human beings exist.

Now let's just disregard our own existence for a while to evaluate and discuss the System of Nature from the Space perspective. Once you enter this mode, you can't use terms like tiny, huge, near, far, existence, non-existence, mysterious, known, as well as terms like planet, star, galaxy, universes, multiverse, multi-omniverse, etc for a while, as the infinite Space regards all instances of Matter as a single entity as tiny as clusters of dust particles or sand grains floating into it. As you are infinite now, you can deal with universe after universe or omniverse after omniverse, just like dealing with the dust particles or cluster-units laid out before you, yet you may disregard their existence, as existence or non-existence doesnt matter from infinite Space perspective or Infinity. In this mode you will find some amazing aspects of the System of Nature, for instance, at the Universal scale of pace, the processes or changes (Time) may take place as slow as dead or static from Human perspective, while distances may be measured in light years (about six trillion miles that light travels in a year @ 186,000 miles per second) or in astronomical units (distance between earth & sun, 93 million miles), for instance, inter-galactic distance between our home galaxy Milkyway and the nearest spiral galaxy Andromeda is about 2.5 million light years (14955338927275890000 miles approx). You may assume everything laid out before you as dust particles or sand grains. Did you know that in order to get evolve or create biological Life in the Solar System or elsewhere, our home universe Bigbang took 14 billion years of multiple processing or changes from BigBang origin to the virtual particle processing stage to the star clusters (Galaxies) and then to the dusty gases (Nebulas) to the proto-stars (eg Sun) to the planetary system (Solar System) to the cool planets (eg Earth) to the biological Life (Human etc). You will also know, why do I say that the System of Nature is always Right and why should we have a broader view of Life in the System of Nature? Nature always does right things at right times. Why Nature did not get you evolve or create 15 billion years ago during virtual particle processing stage of the BigBang or 8 billion years ago at the time of formation of stars & galaxies or 4 billion years ago during formation of Solar System or 3 billion years ago during formation of cool planet Earth? If you were created during any of those times, you would have been perished in nano seconds due to unfavourable violent conditions and circumstances almost everywhere around, during initial development and expansion of our home universe Big Bang. Why duration of Human era is just a few hundred million years? Because, the nature of biological Life is delicate, temporal and tiny compared to the violent future phases of processing or changes in our surroundings to survive any longer than tenure set up by Nature, while before Human era, the conditions during formation of Solar System or planet Earth were violent enough for Human being to exist or survive and another reason for the end of Human era just within a few hundred millions years is that in future, our home universe Bigbang has got millions of other violent and deadlier processes or changes (Time) to perform, therefore, the delicate biological Life must complete their era harmlessly before their home planet Earth enters the phase of violent & deadlier conditions or circumstances during its later phases of violent processes & changes. Besides, there are millions of other living or non-living candidates awaiting their turn to replace the existing ones and exist afterwards, as well as, Human cannot survive violent & deadlier conditions to be occurred during future processes, changes, developments and finally the fate of the BigBang Universe to recycle with the next Existences in the infinite Space in the eternal System of Nature. Did you see, how Nature takes care of each and everything in a systematic & orderly manner. Do you care enough? These are just a few of the innumerable jobs & reasons that Nature performs and for this reason, I say that the Nature is always Right. Nothing can be smarter & greater, whereas, we are just a tiny part of it. Giant Matter objects take trillions or more years to get processed, changed or move (Time), such as, from gaseous dust to the biological Life form of Matter, it may take trillions or more years from the burning stars to cool planets to unicellular biological Life to the multi cellular systems, such as, Life on our home planet Earth in the Solar System (Sun). Astronomers and Astrophysicists have identified, categorized, classified and mapped almost 90% of object types in our home universe BigBang and now looking beyond to the other universes in the Multiverse in the infinite Space. Let's have a brief idea of our immediate surroundings, the Solar System. The Solar System (8 parented planets), Asteroid Belt (an specific regular orbital system around our home star Sun, contains smaller irregular shaped asteroid objects), Kuiper Belt (region beyond regular planetary system, contains scattered massive objects like dwarf planets such as Pluto in irregular orbits around our home star Sun. A hypothetical Planet-X is also attributed to this region), Oort Cloud (a huge region far beyond Kuiper belt, contains smaller icy objects in orbit around our home star Sun). That's just our Solar System in brief, whereas astronomers have looked as far as the farthest galaxies of our home universe Bigbang and next they plan to look beyond home universe Bigbang to the nearest Universe in this Multiverse in the infinite system of Space. That's what has been identified, categorized, classified & mapped in about 5000 years of ancient to modern astronomy within and beyond our Solar System and if there were such things like harmful or deadly Orphan Planets around or beyond our star (Sun), it would have been seen, identified, categorized and mapped, just like all other objects within or beyond Oort Cloud or even anywhere within our home universe Bigbang. The nearest orbital distance of identified dwarfs in irregular orbits around our home star Sun, such as Pluto or other Trans Neptunian Objects is billions of miles away from Sun, which is safe enough for our home planet Earth. With this briefing, you may have got some idea about our immediate surroundings, as well as beyond in the infinite Space in the System of Nature.

Our basic inputs are eyes and ears. Are you proud of these inputs? What would be things like, if Life was evolved or created without eyes & ears? In that case, I think from our perspective, nothing would have existed for us in the System of Nature except for Infinite darkness within ourselves. What would have happened to the existence of mountains, sky, stars, galaxies, universes, multiverese, multi-omniverse, etc? Nothing would have existed for us. This should give you a brief idea, how the existence of anything for life pertains to these basic inputs and even the word Existence would have been meaningless for us, except for the existence of Infinite darkness/deafness within ourselves, as if we were more like non-living entities. Here I mean to point out that Nature has set up some particular level of limitation or capability for Human beings in the System of Nature. There are billions of secrets and mysteries, which we are far from knowing their realities due to our existing limitations set up by Nature even with eyes and ears as input, as we have realized that how our blind & deaf life would have been far from knowing the realities or existence of billions of entities around us today. As a matter of fact, knowing our limitations is understanding the System of Nature well. I know my limits that I can't understand the reality of the Infinity, which is my only way to know the Infinity well under my existing limitations and circumstances, otherwise, I should have been able to look beyond Infinity, but it is not the case under my existing limitations and circumstances set up by Nature for me in the System of Nature. Knowing our limits is knowing Nature well. If I really want to know anything within my limits, what I should do is I will have to work it out (Physically) and hope for the positive results (Spiritually), which is also evident from millions of discoveries, inventions and achievements so far by Human beings from stone-age to the digital era. This way, we pay our gratitude to the System of Nature under the existing circumstances, as well as under all circumstances.

The social animal idea is our own judgment due to the evolutionary superiority over most of the other living beings on Earth in this infinite Space & Matter in the System of Nature, but in this Infinite system, Human being knows and is aware of his/her worth and limit. Looking into Infinity is just getting to know these limits better and simply giving up to the unthinkable mysteries eventually. Our temporal life is just like a lock and death is the key. Life is intelligent, but level of intelligence may differ from living being to living being, based on types and needs, for instance, Human beings compared to Animals. Similarly, it may differ from human ethenicity to enthnicity, based on environment, needs, circumstances and ethnic origins. For instance, the level of intelligence of an European group may differ from a Chinese group, based on circumstances and needs, as need is the mother of ideas & inventions. These analyses are based on ethnic origin, needs and circumstances. The System of Nature is extremely mysterious for human being to resolve the reality of nature as Human being is much like a worthless part of it (I won't say tiny, as even an entire typical universe such as BigBang might just like be tiny bits of dust or sand grains in the infinite Space) and so is incapable of resolving unthinkable mysteries like infinity, eternity, etc. Life is a process (Time) of Nature, just like any other process, but Human beings have confused or misunderstood it as a Special process, distinguished from other processes, but it is not so, as Nature is working behind it the same way, as with any other process in the System of Nature. If you think Life is the best phenomenon, Nature might select it as the worst for you as well and vice versa, so there is nothing distinguishable or special about this process like any other process in the System of Nature.

With the passage of time and as more & more artificial ways of survival & living have become our need, the Human civilization has resulted in overpopulation now, compared to the other living beings in number, such as non-social animals and birds today, which are still in natural number and order on Earth comparatively. With population multiplication at this pace, we would have no choice, but get deprived of normal & balanced life or survival soon. Human overpopulation is a gradual natural disaster, which can't be reversed back to the natural number & order including our fading Natural environment, such as, certain other living beings such as animals, as we are aware that how the number of nations, countries, provinces, cities, communities and families have been increasing from far past indigenous nativities to the present day non-indigenous hybrid & cross-breed cultures. Nature is smart. We need to broaden our thinking. Increase in resources is actually the increase in the number of consumers, which is a seemless process. Did you know, the secret of the end of Human era is hidden under our struggle for a better life, as life is our weakest point as well, but life has no other choice than live it, whereas, artificial ways of living possess charm for a better life, while population multiplication goes on behind the scene. More the artificiality, more we get deprived of Natural ways of living. Nature is smart, but always right. Artificiality is also the part of Nature, but it may cause flaws in the flawless Nature otherwise, without we realizing it, such as climate change at accellerated pace, etc. The infinite entities in the System of Nature are not yours, but you are theirs instead. I think the creature after Human era would be smarter enough to check this smartness of Nature by limiting the number of living beings per planet. We are already too late now. But I believe, whatever has happened so far was a Natural phenomenon, whether by means of Natural selection or artificial selection. After all, artificiality is also the part of Nature, because, as a whole, everything is just the part of System of Nature and we have experienced and learned that the Nature is always right, as Human era has to come to an end like dinosaurs, etc. It's a Natural cycle. As long as Nature intended the normal number & order of Human population on planet Earth, we were more blessed with physical perfection and mental peace. As our peace of mind going to recede, we are trying to survive like living dead now without realizing the gradual and perpetual process of Nature behind the scene, while thinking beyond realities of Nature would be unthinkable and meaningless, as the Nature is always Right.

The System of Nature supports each & everything equally, whether it is good or bad for you. You can't always have win-win situation. Others can only win, when you lose and vice versa. If something is good for you, it might be bad for someone else. The System of Nature seems to support each and everything from harmful virus to the beautiful flowers justly, whether it is favourable or unfavourable for you. The System of Nature has its own principles & regulations, which may sometimes seem systematically systemless, whereas it may seem systemlessly systematic sometimes else, which is its own mysterious justification for all, whether good or bad for someone or something, which may sometimes seem blind justice to some, while at the same time, it may be justified for some others and for this reason, sometimes you wouldn't trust or rely on it, whereas sometimes else you would. Sometimes we learn that the fittest survives, which is the part of the cycle of natural selection. Based on this principle, Human being tries to work best with the Nature to become the fittest, which is an example of artificial selection, though natural selection is a self regulating process, because over-artificial selection may sometimes cause extremism or insanity, where you need to step-back, which is the only solution, but apart from this, as a matter of fact, you are the part of the infinite System of Nature and being part of it, you are the System of Nature yourself, therefore, knowing yourself (the home planet & life) is knowing the System of Nature well, rather than exploring the Infinity of nothingness meaninglessly, which is not meant for you, as planet Earth is fine-tuned for biological Life, which is the most amazing phenomenon of the System of Nature, making this planet a typical entity to be followed elsewhere by the rest of the System of Nature. This is the Spirit of Life, specially Human beings. Thanks for reading.

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